How Cheap is Heating with Wood?


At Bertie’s we often get asked if you can save money by switching to wood fuel from other forms of heating. The answer is yes you could, but how much will depend on what fuel you are currently using for heating, how often you use your stove instead of other forms of heating and the quality of the wood fuel you use.

The latest figures from the Nottingham Energy Partnership, an independent body that monitors and compares energy prices, shows that the cost per kilowatt for seasoned logs is currently around 5.3p when the efficiency of the stove is taken into account. Given that Bertie’s logs are kiln dried to an average moisture content of 20% we would like to think that Bertie’s kiln dried logs should work out cheaper than ordinary seasoned logs. Here’s a list of common fuels with the price per kilowatt after the efficiency of the appliance is taken into account, prices relate to December 2014.

Electricity  – 16.0p

Mains gas – 4.2p

Oil – 6.5p

LGP – 6.6p

Smokeless fuel – 9.2p

Seasoned logs – 5.3p



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