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Lighting Your Stove

Lighting your new stove can take a little bit of practice, but hopefully the tips below will help you get started.

Step 1.

Make sure all the air controls on your stove are fully open.

Step 2.

Place a Waxling firelighter in the middle of the grate and build a ‘wigwam’ of Bertie’s kindling around it. Light the firelighter and close the door almost completly, leaving it slightly ajar.

Step 3.

Once the kindling is burning well add a small klin dried log or 2 to the fire and allow them to catch well alight. Still keep all the air controls open and the door slightly ajar.

Step 4.

Once the fire is burning well with a bed of glowing embers close the door and then start to close down the bottom air control. This allows the stove to start to warm up.

Step 5.

Once the stove is warmed up, start managing the heat output of the stove using the amount of fuel and air added to control the heat produced. Add more fuel and more top air and the stove will produce more heat.

Remenber that firewood burns best when it’s on a bed of ash, so always leave an inch or so of ash on the grate. To get the best heat out of your stove and to eliminate ‘sooting’ on the window always use kiln dried logs.

Finally it takes a bit of practice to get a stove working well!

Light a stove


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Get That New Stove Ordered

Last years Winter seems a long time ago now, but I think we all remember just how cold it got. It seems that a cold Winter is now the norm in this country and what better way to keep warm and cosy than a stove burning Bertie’s kiln dried logs.

If you are thinking about buying a stove for this winter, it might be a good idea to start thinking about getting an installation date booked now. All the stove shops we supply with our wood fuel are reporting that sales are stronger than ever this year, with many already booked for fitting well into the Autumn.

If you live near Tunbridge Wells why not pop in an see Jon at Adena Fires, he supplies and fits a wide range of stoves to suit every home, taste and budget. For more visit

Adena wood burning stove showroom

Adena Fires showroom, Tunbridge Wells

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