Kiln Dried Logs

Why kiln dried?

The simple answer is – the drier the logs the more heat you get for your money!

Freshly cut ‘green’ timber typically has a moisture content of 50% or more and as with trying to burn anything damp, it will be difficult to light and give out very little heat. Burning seasoned firewood can help to reduce these problems, but only kiln dried logs will help eliminate them and maximise your heat output. Burning kiln dried logs will also help to eliminate ‘sooting’ of the stove window and keep flue maintenance to a minimum.

Bertie’s are the only company in the South East with log drying kilns, giving us the ability to produce dry, ready to burn firewood however cold the winter gets. Our kilns are fueled by the waste wood produced during firewood production, making the log drying process carbon neutral and highly sustainable.


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