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Help, it’s Cold and My Stove Won’t Work Properly!

Light a stove

On a really cold day there’s nothing nicer than getting home and lighting your stove to warm up, but sometimes in Winter the stove can be difficult to light and even blow back smoke into the room. Why?

Well the answer is, during cold weather your flue can get blocked by a ‘plug’ of cold heavy air, which can force the warm air produced by the stove back into the room. To get around this problem try lighting a small hot kindling fire to warm up the air in the flue and create the draw the stove needs to work efficiently. After about 10 minutes the flue should be warm enough for you to add logs as normal and start warming up the stove and room. Another ‘trick of the trade’ is to point a hair dryer up the flue to warm up the flue!


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