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How Do I Know My Firewood Is Dry?

If you buy your logs from Bertie’s you will know that your firewood is guaranteed to be nice and dry and ready to burn, but are there are a few simple checks that can help you decided if a log is dry or still damp.

1. Dry wood is lighter than damp wood, the more it dries out the lighter it will get.

2. Dry wood tends to shed it’s bark and the end grain has cracks or splits.

3. When stuck against each other dry logs ‘ring’ and wet logs tend to ‘thud’.

4. Dry wood when split feels warm and dry, wet wood feels cool and damp.

5. Dry wood lights easily, burns brightly and gives off lots of heat.

6. Damp wood is difficult to light, hisses, spits and smokes, giving out little heat.

If in doubt you can always check how dry firewood is by buying a moisture meter. Ideally your firewood should have a moisture content of around 20% to make sure you are getting as much heat for your money as possible.

Large Firewood Log Store prod


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Bertie’s Bespoke Firewood Stacking Service

If you would like Ed to artfully stack your firewood for you then we would be pleased to quote. Owls are Ed’s favourite images at the moment, prices start from only £2000.00 (logs extra).

If you don’t need your logs stacked quite so artistically, don’t forget Bertie’s offer a Log Stacking Service to take all the strain and pain away from this chore.


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Help, it’s Cold and My Stove Won’t Work Properly!

Light a stove

On a really cold day there’s nothing nicer than getting home and lighting your stove to warm up, but sometimes in Winter the stove can be difficult to light and even blow back smoke into the room. Why?

Well the answer is, during cold weather your flue can get blocked by a ‘plug’ of cold heavy air, which can force the warm air produced by the stove back into the room. To get around this problem try lighting a small hot kindling fire to warm up the air in the flue and create the draw the stove needs to work efficiently. After about 10 minutes the flue should be warm enough for you to add logs as normal and start warming up the stove and room. Another ‘trick of the trade’ is to point a hair dryer up the flue to warm up the flue!

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Get That New Stove Ordered

Last years Winter seems a long time ago now, but I think we all remember just how cold it got. It seems that a cold Winter is now the norm in this country and what better way to keep warm and cosy than a stove burning Bertie’s kiln dried logs.

If you are thinking about buying a stove for this winter, it might be a good idea to start thinking about getting an installation date booked now. All the stove shops we supply with our wood fuel are reporting that sales are stronger than ever this year, with many already booked for fitting well into the Autumn.

If you live near Tunbridge Wells why not pop in an see Jon at Adena Fires, he supplies and fits a wide range of stoves to suit every home, taste and budget. For more visit http://www.adenafires.co.uk.

Adena wood burning stove showroom

Adena Fires showroom, Tunbridge Wells

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Oak Log Store

If you’re looking for something really special to keep your firewood nice and dry, how about this beautiful log store. Hand-crafted in Oak for Bertie’s in deepest Sussex. Prices from £695.00.

To view other Log Stores available from Bertie’s just visit the website at www.bertieswoodfuel.co.uk.

Oak Log Store

Hand-crafted Oak Log Store

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Adena Fires Now Online

Jon over at Adena Fires in Tunbridge Wells has now got his new Website up and running.

Go and take a look at www.adenafires.co.uk




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